Rereading Revelation Space: Chapter 6

On Nostalgia. En Route to Delta Pavonis, 2546

Volyova has been administering the loyalty treatments to Khouri. She takes her into the spider room to show her the ghosts (echoes of other space-farers). Volyova uses the spider room to speak in private, as nobody else on the ship knows of its existence.

Volyova mentions Sun Stealer to Khouri, and then shows her the Gunnery, which contains some of the most destructive weapons known. Khouri learns that controlling the gunnery means controlling every weapon on the Nostalgia.


18 months passed since Girardieau showed Sylveste the Amarantine sphere, a year since Sylveste’s and Pascale’s wedding, and the biography, Descent into Darkness, had been completed, and Sylveste was again publishing scientific articles. Sylveste shows Pascale the obilisk data in a 3d form. There is a figureine on top of a spire in the middle of the city. The figurine has wings while none of the other carvings or reliefs do. Sylveste suggests the figurine “Is a big two fingered salute to whatever god they used to believe in”, and that a new god moved in. Different graphicforms around the alien city depict “Sun Stealer”.