Rereading Revelation Space: Chapter 7-9

In an effort to stop reading so many books at a time, I focused on finishing Altered Carbon before continuing on with these chapter summaries. These chapters were very expository so I read through them at once, particularly chapter 7 where Reynolds descibes the Stoners wedding ceremonies and Sylveste’s backstory in painstaking detail.

Nekhebet Isthmus, Resurgam, 2566

At Sylveste and Pascale’s wedding, there is an attack. Janequin’s peacocks were used as biological weapons with poisoned barbs in their feathers. Sylveste and Pascale escape into the Amarantin dig.

Sylveste used his infrared vision to escape through the labyrinthine tunnels in a random path. In the end, they were caught in a dead-end, and Sylveste admits to Pascale that it was himself, not Lefevre, that broke down during his trip to the Shroud, and because he was too scared to pull the explosive charges to separate the ship from Lefevre the ship was pulled apart by gravity torsions and he doesn’t know why survived.

Then, they find them. Sleeping gas begins to fill their lungs and Sylveste gets shot in the face by some kind of flared weapon.

He was blinded by the shot, and kidnapped. Taken by True Path who lead the coup against Girardieau, which turns out to be lead by Sluka.

Falkender, a Docter under Sluka, fixes Sylveste’s eyes just enough to see in black and white, and in slow fps.

On Nostalgia

Khouri learns of the crew’s plan to get Sylveste to heal the Captain, and that he’s done it before. She also learns that the Captain had visited the pattern jugglers with Sajaki, and that Sajaki hasn’t been the same ever since.

The Mademoiselle clarifies her instructions to Khouri – she is to kill Sylveste in a very precise manner, with complete surprise, on Resurgam, and in complete isolation as to prevent a transfer of his conciousness.

Khouri spent so much time in the gunnery that it had begun to ‘invade her dreams’.

Sun Stealer was trapped in the gunnery due to the isolated nature of its firewall which allowed for data to only flow into the gunnery (since the gunnery would operate outside of the ship, this was to prevent other ships from attacking via a virus). Sun Stealer used the Mademoiselle’s ‘dogs’, a viral AI used to scour networks and retrieve information, to hitchhike out of the gunnery and into Khouri’s brain. The Mademoiselle concludes that this is what drove Nagorney mad.

Info: the reason Sylveste went missing was because they brought him aboard Nostalgia before to fix Captain Brannigan 20 years after Sylveste returned from the Shrouders – in 2460.

At this point, Khouri has been in reefersleep for 2 years with 2 and a half more to go before reaching Resurgam. The Mademoiselle woke her up to tell her this information, that the bulk of Sun Stealer remains in the gunnery, and that she has implanted an avatar of herself into the gunnery so that she might control it if needed.