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Adventures in D&D: The Cleric fast-talks his way out of trouble

The Scenario:

The party entered the Redbrand Hideout via the secret entrance. Cleric and Paladin were wearing redbrand cloaks, Rogue and Ranger were not. Their first encounter inside was the three bugbears. Combat was loud, so they attracted the attention of the redcloaks that were in the room down the hall. After combat, one of the Redbrands comes out of the room to investigate and sees the party next to the pile of dead bugbears.

“Who the fuck are you?! What the fuck is this?! points to bugbears” [rogue tries to hide, rolls 18, is hidden] Redbrand draws his sword. “Answer, quick!”

The rogue (that is hidden) pushes the Ranger (who was not wearing the cloak) down the stairs – to fall between the party and the Redbrand.

The Cleric speaks up “Uhhhh, soooo… we’re new recruits here and uhhh… this is our prisoner. These fucking bugbears attacked us, so we killed them and uhhhh, now we’re taking our prisoner to the jail cells.” (Cleric has no idea that there are slave pens in here, lucky guess on his part.)

At this point, I’m laughing my ass off as he tries to weasel himself out of this situation (since he has no idea how many more Redbrands there are in the other room). I tell him to roll persuasion.

NAT 20.

“Huh…” the Redbrand sheathes his sword. “Well what the fuck are you doing in this part of the hideout? Slave pens are that way fuckhead!”

“OH! Uhh yeah, I knew that. hits the paladin in the head I fucking told you, idiot – the slave pens are that way. C’mon let’s go.”

“Now who the fuck is going to get rid of these bugbears” the Redbrand says as they leave and then run outside through the hidden entrance to re-evaluate their plan.